Current testnets for the Tezos blockchain are listed here. Read more.

This list of Teztnets is also available in json format.

Long-running Teztnets

If you are not sure, pick this one.

ย  Activated on Faucet
Ghostnet 2022-01-25 Faucet

Protocol Teztnets

Testnets deployed specifically to test new Tezos protocol proposals.

ย  Activated on Faucet
Paris2net 2024-05-30 Faucet
ParisCnet 2024-06-18 Faucet

Periodic Teztnets

Testnets that restart regularly and track the development of the master branch of Octez repo.

โ˜ ๏ธ You probably donโ€™t want this unless you are a core protocol developer.

ย  Activated on Faucet
Weeklynet 2024-06-19 Faucet